Starting and growing your own business is hard, like really hard.

You’re trying to play so many roles, sometimes you just have no idea what you’re doing, and you’re wasting so much time trying to do everything on your own.

Well you're in luck!

You can now check Branding and Web Design off that huge to-do list of yours because I am here to help!

Hey there, I’m Kristin Kembel.

I’m a brand & website designer, marketing educator, and host of the Create Your Own Destiny Podcast. I’m originally from California, grew up down south in Atlanta, and now live WAY down south in Australia. If you’re wondering what brought me down under, it was a boy…

A few years ago I was living the typical 9 to 5 life, and I was over it. Over having someone else decide my income and schedule. Over working for the weekends and that one little vacation a year. I was daydreaming about getting out of the office, seeing the world and moving to the beach. I was craving more flexibility and time. I wanted to decide how to go about my day, instead of someone else determining that for me. I am sure you’ve been dreaming of the something similar.

This biggest turning point for me came when I DECIDED to step outside my comfort zone and take the risks needed to turn my dreams into reality.  Since then my boss became my first client, I started my own online business, fell in love with an Aussie (yes, he has an accent), traveled around Europe alone with just a backpack and a laptop, and now work 100% remotely from my home office in Australia, just a bike ride from the beach.

You see, the fun thing about taking risks is it gets easier and easier each time you push yourself to go after what you REALLY want.

So...what do YOU really want?

A Few Fun Facts About Me

I'm a Podcast Junkie
Some of my favorites are: The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo, The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, & Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.
Rooftops are My Go-To
I am always looking for the best view of a new city for a glass of wine. I've got you covered for rooftop bars in ATL, Barcelona, Madrid, Hong Kong, Florence, Charleston & beyond!
Decorating is my Jam
If I could choose any other career path, it would be interior decorating. I love making the space around me feel just right and inspiring. I am definitely addicted to HGTV!
Avocados on Everything
I am obsessed with avocados and am kind of a snob about them. There is nothing better than that perfectly ripe avo!
Dogs Over Humans
I'm a huge animal lover and have always had dogs growing up. Stephen and I have a white furball Luna right now, and she is the queen of the house. If you ever want to see me cry put on Marley & Me or any dog movie!

Why I chose to serve only women

other than the fact that we're awesome...

Growing up I watched my artist mother go from being a stay-at-home mom to 4 children, to being a single mother. She got a job and went back to school, all while still raising 4 kids by herself. She had never lived on her own before getting married, but she figured it out on her own along the way and I never heard her complain or saw her break down. Okay, maybe there were a few little breakdowns, but she’s one tough cookie.

Her strength and perseverance taught me to never rely on someone else to create my life or future for me, and I CAN make it happen on my own.

Women business owners possess these same qualities.

We are brave, bold and resourceful.

Strong women empower eachother.

You got this girl.

Interested in working with me?

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