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One of my biggest goals for years was to get out of the office and work from home. I had been dipping my toes in for a while – working while traveling and then splitting the week between home and office – then last year that goal finally came true when I moved from Atlanta, … Read more

Tips for Staying Sane When You Work from Home

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Top 5 Books for Women Entrepreneurs

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’m ALLLL about diving into books that will help me achieve more, go after my dreams, and get out of my comfort zone. All of these things are necessary when you are starting and running a business. Whether you are a fan of physical books, kindles or audiobooks, these top 5 books are for women … Read more

Hey there! I’m Kristin, the owner of The Girlboss Designer. I felt it was fitting to make the first official GBD blog post be an introduction so you can learn a little more about me. We all have our own unique path leading us through life and it’s all determined by decisions… OUR decisions. Decisions … Read more

The Woman Behind Girlboss Designer

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hey lady!

I'm kristin kembel

I’m a designer, intuitive business coach, podcast host and owner of Girlboss Designer - a web design business exclusively serving service-based women entrepreneurs. Think of me as a fun mix between Jenna Kutcher and Jess Lively - with the business strategy side of Jenna but with the alignment and travel bug side of Jess.

Fun Fact: I’m originally from California, grew up down south in Atlanta, and now live WAY down south in Australia. 




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