Top 3 Platforms to Automate Your Business

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to streamline and automate your business sooner than later. Anything that saves me time, takes a task off my hands and allows me to focus my attention where it really counts is now my best friend! Sometimes when we’re just getting started we’re hesitant to spend money on these new platforms, but they are SO so worth it. Here are my top favorite platforms/apps I use regularly in my business, and best of all they are all very affordable!


Sometimes I love instagram and other times I completely forget about it because I am swamped with work. For a while there days would go by and I realized I hadn’t been posting, then I got introduced to Planoly. It lets you schedule your instagram post ahead of time, and even AUTOPOST! No more setting alarms or forgetting – the app will post for you so there is one less thing to remember throughout the day.

Another one of my favorite features is you can build your visual grid so you know what your feel will look like ones the posts go up. That way you can make sure your feed has a good rhythm and not too many same-style images are sitting next to each other.

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Is your current client managing process still ONLY through email? This used to be me, and when you’re trying to manage everything through all these emails things get lost, projects get overlooked, you forget to follow up, and your invoices are everywhere.

Honeybook is how I manage all my projects – from inquiries, to proposals, service brochures, contracts, invoicing, bookkeeping and more. Every time someone fills out my contact form on my website it goes straight into Honeybook and creates a project for that inquiry. From there I can connect with them, send them files and more details about working together. It makes it easy for me to keep everything in one centralized location ONLINE instead of losing files or taking up space on my computer. It makes it super easy for the client to pay invoices no matter where they are located in the world, which is so important for me living abroad.

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It’s time to start taking Pinterest WAY more seriously! Pinterest has become my #1 traffic referrer for my website ever since I started using Tailwind. You can schedule all your posts ahead of time (make sure your custom posts are linking back to your site!), you can paste to multiple boards at selected intervals so you’re not spamming with 1 image over and over, AND it even connects to your IG so you can steal some of those great posts and stick them on Pinterest.

CLICK HERE to sign up – your first 100 pins are FREE!


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