Bohemian Neutral Branding for Lifestyle Blog – La Baja Chic

It was so fun to play with neutrals for this project! My client Rhea is creating a lifestyle blog to share her ideas and passion for the things that inspire her. She has a passion for making recipes that not only look beautiful, but make you feel good when eating. She plans will be offering advice on how to make people’s homes more enjoyable to live in by taking the minimalistic & natural approach. Overall she wants to help people live a naturally sustainable life & doing so with fun & chic-ness! LOVE IT!

We are tackling her blog creation next so stay tuned!

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1 thought on “Bohemian Neutral Branding for Lifestyle Blog – La Baja Chic”

  1. I’m sure Rhea was “wowed” and deliriously happy about your design and color branding for her new blog! Your creation is unique, intriguing and flat out gorgeous! I’d click in an instant. Thanks for sharing your fabulous talent. I’m still in the pondering process about starting a blog, trying to decide if my job as an editor will allow me the time I would want and need to devote to the blog in my brain. The questions of “who, what, when where and how” I would get a blog designed have been part of my ponderings. I just discovered your website today, I’m smitten. I’m wondering if I should consider this the sign all of us seek when making a tough decision? I’ve had an informative and delightful visit here, my first time to your website! I’ll be back for more research and perhaps my decision will be hastened. Best weekend wishes!


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