Be proud to show off your business in 3 weeks without looking like a total DIY job.

Brand Your Vision

The branding course to create a business that stands out and sells out.


So I'll cut to the chase!

If you’re a soon-to-be girlboss coach, consultant or online entrepreneur who is ready to finally launch that new online biz, then you already probably know how important the visuals are when it comes to people’s first impression of your business.

Afterall - you probably also know the visuals of your business are what first attracts someone to you and makes them want to lean in and learn more.

Not to mention we’ve been hit over the head a thousand times by now that the most successful businesses are those who create a true brand - not just a business.

Hey Miss Thing!

Doing this totally on your own can feel daunting so you-

But here’s the thing about branding your business

Put something together but are never fully proud to show it off and feel self conscious about how your business looks.

You get stuck going in circles with overthinking and never get it off the ground.

You assume you HAVE to hire a professional to do it for you.

You think it’s only about the pretty visuals and miss the key steps to creating connection with your potential clients.

You deserve to feel proud of how your business looks online - 
without the DIY headaches.

I've got a few secrets to share...

And honestly as a professional designer myself,
I kind of can’t believe I am admitting this but here it goes…

Your logo isn’t THAT big of a deal -
 your brand is how everything comes together as a whole.

You don’t HAVE to hire a brand designer to look like a professional and command the pricing and income you’re dreaming of.

That vision in your head can launch into existence faster than you thought with the authenticity and depth you know it should have.


Be proud to show off your business in 3 weeks without looking like a total DIY job.

Brand Your Vision

The branding course to create a business that stands out and sells out.



I'm kristin kembel

I’m the owner & designer of Girlboss Designer, host of the Create Your Destiny Podcast, and creator of Vision Launch.

I help brave girlbosses look fabulous online and have clients flowing in, so they can make an incredible living from anywhere in the world doing what they love.

A few years ago I created the life I was dreaming of! I left my 9-5, traveled abroad for months straight working remotely, and then moved from Atlanta, GA with my Aussie guy to Australia.


But after growing my branding + web design business Girlboss Designer I realized something that took a while for me to admit. 
I saw clients getting so stuck on parts of the branding process that I knew in my heart were only a small piece of the puzzle. I also realized many women who were so excited to launch their own business bu were feeling lost when it came to their branding and embarrassed with their own DIY efforts.

Adding depth to your branding beyond just a pretty logo design can:

Here’s something you might not know…

Set you apart in a seemingly oversaturated market.
It's easy to feel like this small fish in a huge pond - especially when you're just getting started. The reality is when you build a business from true authenticity you can become that big fish in a much smaller pond.

Ensure that you’re seen as a professional and taken seriously in your industry.
How your business looks online matters... A LOT! Your brand visuals are what will draw people in. That first impression will either keep them around to learn more or make them pass you by.

Book the right clients faster and easier.
Get ready to fill up that client calendar of yours! When you fully understand who your brand is and who your ideal client is you can find and connect with them on a deeper level.

Before you start creating anything visual for your business we have to make sure you’re crystal clear on your brand’s foundation. Whether you're outlining this for the first time or diving deeper than you have in the past, this will become like your brand's bible!

• Define who you are as a business & what your values are.
• Learn how to say "what you do" in a way thats clear, exciting AND that makes you stand out against the competition.
• Get extra personal with defining your ideal client and knowing their wants, dreams and struggles.

Who you are and your niche market.

Your Foundations for an Authentic & Stand-Out Brand

module 1


All modules are designed to build upon one another, making the process even easier for you to digest & implement along the way.

No matter what your creative skill level is, I'm going to guide you through the visual process so you can look like you hired a professional.

• Select your brand's color palette based on color psychology so you can create the FEELING you want your business to have. 
• Choose from a library of color combos selected by me! Choose one palette or mix and match to get that designer look.
• Discover your photo style and get direction on whether to go with stock photos or put together a brand photoshoot.
• Select your business's brand fonts from a library of my go-to fonts so you can choose them wisely based on the vibe you're going for.

Selecting your color palette, photo style & brand fonts

WOW Them with the Visuals

module 2

No need for fancy design programs here! I'll show you how to create a simple, professional logo in Canva + your circular stamp design.

• Create your logo using my designer font library & go-to logo layouts
• If you choose to have a symbol in your logo you can follow my guidance for choosing one easily
• Create your circular style logo from a library of designer layouts
• Create logo profile pictures for your social media pages

Does the thought of creating your own logo totally freak you out? If so, you will also have access to an exclusive selection of pre-designed logos which we can customize FOR YOU for a small additional fee.

Designing your logo and stamp design in Canva

The Wait is Over... Let's Create Your LOGO!

module 3

Brand Your Vision


In Brand Your Vision you're getting access to...

Branding Workbooks & Cheatsheets 

Designer Approved Color Library

Designer Approved Font Library

Logo Creation Video Tutorials

And don't forget about these Exclusive Bonuses!

Intuition Activation Mini Course
to help you tune into your inner guidance when making decisions with your business's foundation & direction.
$97 value

Style Your Instagram
Your Instagram feel is an extension of your branding. This mini course will help you create a cohesive and beautiful feed.
$97 value

What they're saying about the course...


Brand Your Vision is the perfect branding course for you if you're wanting to...

If you said YES to many of the above, I cannot wait to see you inside Brand Your Vision!

Stop THINKING about creating your online business and actually turn our vision & dreams into reality.

Skip the overwhelm and confusion of trying to DIY the foundation of your business with zero guidance.

Stand out in in the market with a business that is truly unique to you and connects with your ideal client.

Show off your beautiful brand that'll be looking so good they'll think you hired a professional to design it.

Be taken seriously in your industry from the moment you launch your business to the world.

You may be wondering...

What if I am terrible with design? 
Then this is made for YOU! I am giving you all the resources you need like pre-selected color palette combinations, a designer font library and logo layout options so you can make choices that have been pre-approved by a professional. My goal is for anyone to be able to create a beautiful looking business.

How long will the process take?
This course is setup as a 3-week course but you can take it at your pace if needed! 

So what am I ending up with after the course is done?
You will have outlined who you are as a business, your niche market and your ideal clients wants, needs, and struggles. You will have chosen your brand color palette, brand fonts and created a professional looking logo.

Do you offer payment plans?
YES! You can select the pay in 3 smaller payments if you don't wish to pay in full.

When do I get access to the modules?
All modules are available for immediate access once you purchase the course.

Will there be any support or feedback during the process?
Not for the self study course. 2 times a year we do an exclusive launch which includes a private FB group and weekly live sessions. The next launch date has not yet been determined so the self study is your best option to get started ASAP!