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Brand Your Vision

Stand out online, attract your dream clients, and create a business you're proud to show off.


If you’re a service-based online entrepreneur (or soon-to-be!) you know how important it is to bring in clients on the regular to fuel your business and dreams. 

Hey miss thing!

But as a coach or consultant, the online space can be a daunting world sometimes.

It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and second guessing ourselves. 

It’s like, you have this vision in our head, but then how in the world do you translate that into a brand - without just blending into the crowd or looking like a total DIY job?

Totally overthinking your business concept which is making you push that launch date further and further away.

Feeling self conscious about how your business looks because you’re totally winging the design side of things (hello, not a designer over here!).

Totally frozen when it comes to TALKING about your business. You’re trying to convey everything from A-Z and it’s just not coming through clearly.

Feeling pressured to offer everything you know how to do and serve anyone who needs your help because you’re scared to turn down any potential business

Frustrated by the lack of interest your business is getting and starting to wonder if this is all even worth it.

No matter if you’re launching a new business or still in those earlier years, you may be:

If you’re saying “UGH that’s me” to any of this then I know you’re probably also allowing these scary thoughts to creep in your head like: 

"No one will take me seriously in my industry."

"I’ll never be able to do what I love full-time because I can’t make enough money to support myself the way I need."

"I may have to go back to that 9-5 life I left behind because this whole online biz thing just isn’t working out for me."

I know this isn’t what you want - and I don’t want it for you either.

FINALLY find clarity with the core foundations of your business and your direction.

Be reassured in your business concept because you can now quickly and easily communicate who you are, what you do and who you serve.

Feel so proud when showing off your business because you are looking o-so professional.

See higher engagements with your biz because your confidence is up and it shows.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to instead:

This is what leads to doing what you love full-time and building that dream lifestyle & online business of yours. 

Common lies many women entrepreneurs believe that get in the way of accomplishing their dream business:

But to get there, we've gotta break down some walls that are holding you back.

And the more potential clients you have discovering you and paying attention to you = more booked clients, more business income, and more freedom to be that badass online CEO you dream of being. 

Intentional branding helps you attract your dream clients visually and creates a connection with them so they feel comfortable enough to take action.

And here's something you must know:

"I have to have everything perfect to launch my business."

Lie #1

Let’s be real - perfect does NOT exist!

So if perfection isn’t real, then aren’t you just striving for a completely unattainable goal to feel validated enough to start? 

Oftentimes we hide our fears behind perfectionism.


"No one reads anymore these days, so the writing isn't that important"

Lie #2

The fact that you’re reading this now shows - people still read.

Your MESSAGE is where the connection happens with your business. It’s where your ideal client feels heard and understood.

Writing for your business is an essential ingredient to your marketing. And it’s way easier than you may be thinking it is.


"I have to hire a professional to design my branding (aka colors, logo etc)"

Lie #3

A fancy logo is in no way going to make you more money.

Go look at some extremely successful entrepreneurs we look up to: Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Jenna Kutcher… all have type typographic logos

With the right direction to make conscious choices about the visuals of your business - can totally do this yourself 



I'm kristin richards

I’m the owner & designer of Girlboss Designer, host of the Create Your Destiny Podcast, and creator of Brand Your Vision.

I help brave women like you stand out online and have clients flowing in, so they can make an incredible living from anywhere in the world doing what they love.

A few years ago I created the life I was dreaming of! I left my 9-5, traveled abroad for months straight working remotely, and then moved from Atlanta, GA with my Aussie guy to Australia.


Even though I have a 6-figure design online business now-
when I launched my business a few years ago I was NOT actually a "website designer". 

I could have easily given into lie that I had nothing unique to offer - and that no one would hire me because there were so many others out there already doing what I wanted to do - and for way longer.

But I didn't give in. I launched my design biz imperfectly, and allowed it to morph and grow with me as I grew. 

I started making money right away - and within 1 year was making $10k months and brought on my first assistant. 

I know this was possible because of the BRAND I created. 

One that goes far beyond "good looks" and one that really creates a connection with others - and clearly communicates what I do.

Now I'm teaching others to do the same!

But I got a secret to share with you...


My Intentional Branding Framework

No. 1 - Clarity

No. 2 - Connection

No. 3 - Conscious Design

Know exactly who you are, what you do, who you serve and why - and how to clearly communicate this.

Know your ideal clients deeply - their struggles and desires - so you can create a bond with them and allow to feel heard and understood.

 Make conscious visual design choices for your business that draw the right clients in and spark their interest to learn more.

Ready to bring this into your own business? Let's do it!

Brand Your Vision

The branding course to help you stand out in an oversaturated market, attract your dream clients, and create a business you're proud to show off.


Before you start creating anything visual for your business we have to make sure you’re crystal clear on your brand’s foundation. Whether you're outlining this for the first time or diving deeper than you have in the past, this will become like your brand's bible!

• Define who you are as a business & what your values are.
• Learn how to say "what you do" in a way thats clear, exciting AND that makes you stand out against the competition.
• Get extra personal with defining your ideal client and knowing their wants, dreams and struggles.

Who you are and your niche market.

Your Foundations for an Authentic & Stand-Out Brand

module 1


All modules are designed to build upon one another, making the process even easier for you to digest & implement along the way.

No matter what your creative skill level is, I'm going to guide you through the visual process so you can look like you hired a professional.

• Select your brand's color palette based on color psychology so you can create the FEELING you want your business to have. 
• Choose from a library of color combos selected by me! Choose one palette or mix and match to get that designer look.
• Discover your photo style and get direction on whether to go with stock photos or put together a brand photoshoot.
• Select your business's brand fonts from a library of my go-to fonts so you can choose them wisely based on the vibe you're going for.

Selecting your color palette, photo style & brand fonts

Look Like the Professional that You Are

module 2

No need for fancy design programs here! I'll show you how to create a simple, professional logo in Canva + your circular stamp design.

• Create your logo using my designer font library & go-to logo layouts
• If you choose to have a symbol in your logo you can follow my guidance for choosing one easily
• Create your circular style logo from a library of designer layouts
• Create logo profile pictures for your social media pages

Does the thought of creating your own logo totally freak you out? If so, you will also have access to an exclusive selection of pre-designed logos which we can customize FOR YOU for a small additional fee.

Designing your logo and stamp design in Canva

The Icing on the Cake... Let's Create Your LOGO!

module 3


Brand Your Vision

In Brand Your Vision you're getting access to...

Digital and Printable Workbooks and Cheatsheets

Downloadable Slides from All Training for Easy Referencing

Video Trainings for All Lessons to Guide You Through the Process

Logo Creation Video Tutorials in Canva (no fancy programs needed!)

Designer Approved Font Library for Choosing Brand Fonts

Designer Approved Color Library for Choosing Brand Colors

FIND Clarity

BUILD Connection

CREATE Conscious Design

Know exactly who you are, what you do, who you serve and why - and how to clearly communicate this.

Know your ideal clients deeply - their struggles and desires - so you can create a bond with them and allow to feel heard and understood.

 Make intentional visual design choices for your business that draw the right clients in and spark their interest to learn more.


What they're saying about the course...

Brand Your Vision is for you if you're wanting to...

If you said YES to many of the above, I cannot wait to see you inside Brand Your Vision!

Stop THINKING about creating your online business and actually turn our vision & dreams into reality.

Skip the overwhelm and confusion of trying to DIY the foundation of your business with zero guidance.

Stand out in in the market with a business that is truly unique to you and connects with your ideal client.

Show off your beautiful brand that'll be looking so good they'll think you hired a professional to design it.

Be taken seriously in your industry from the moment you launch your business to the world.


"The biggest takeaway throughout the course is peace of mind. For me was the peace I received knowing that I was not crazy, my vision was in my brain and my heart and the course helped me get it out. It is possible to get to the root of your passion. It is possible to get to the root of your vision with the Brand your Vision Course.

 Your message, the physiology around color, the way your web and your content can make your potential clients feel. You have to do the work, you have to dedicate your time and willingness to work it all out and this course helps you do it. I think that this course should be a requirement for anyone who wants a website to represent their true self or their true vision."

– LISA F, Brand Your Vision student


Girlboss Designer helps women stand out online, so they can create more freedom & impact doing what they love - from anywhere in the world.