Branding Client Details

WOOHOO, you are booked in lady!

I can’t wait to get started bringing your brand and website to life. Before our start date there are a few things to go over. All of this is setup to keep your project flowing as smooth as possible and keep our timeline on track. Feel free to save this page link to access again at any time during our time together!

A lot of this information pertains to preparation BEFORE getting started so it’s ideal to review these details soon.

Click on each section below (or simply scroll down the page) to access everything you need to know about:

General Communication Guidelines

E-Mail is Best

The best way to reach me is email! 

In order to keep communication organized and streamlined please try to keep all replies in 1 email trail as much as possible. This helps keep things together so important details aren’t missed and makes the amount emails in both of our inboxes more manageable 🙂 

Below are my client dedicated days- these are when I take care of emails, work on projects or just anything client related!

Office Days for USA: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Office Days for AU: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

How to Schedule A Call

If you would rather schedule a call to chat you can always do this at any time by CLICKING HERE

Time Zone Differences

I am currently located in Australia so my time zone is AEST.

For my USA clients I am actually a day ahead of you! Because of this you will typically be getting replies back from me toward the end of your work day or evening – or wake up to a message from me in your inbox!

An easy way to convert time is to just google what time it is in Sydney Australia 🙂

Branding Prep Work

Your Brand Discovery Questionnaire

Prior to your project start date you will be receiving a brand discovery questionnaire!

This questionnaire must be completed before your start date as we will be basing our brand design decisions on your questionnaire answers!

Pinterest Inspiration Board

I love having branding clients create an inspiration board on Pinterest. This allows me to make connections of where your eye goes when it comes to color, logo style and font choices

The pinterest board must be completed before your start date as we will be basing our brand design decisions on your pins as well! 

Tips for your branding Pinterest board: Make a board on your pinterest account dedicated to Branding and send me a link to your board. If the board is private make sure to share it with me @girlbossdesigner. Things to pin: color palettes, logos, brand style guides