Web Design Client Details

WOOHOO, you are booked in lady!

I can’t wait to get started bringing your brand and website to life. Before our start date there are a few things to go over. All of this is setup to keep your project flowing as smooth as possible and keep our timeline on track. Feel free to save this page link to access again at any time during our time together!

A lot of this information pertains to preparation BEFORE getting started so it’s ideal to review these details soon.

Click on each section below (or simply scroll down the page) to access everything you need to know about:

General Communication Guidelines

E-Mail is Best

The best way to reach me is email! kristin@girlbossdesigner.com 

In order to keep communication organized and streamlined please try to keep all replies in 1 email trail as much as possible. This helps keep things together so important details aren’t missed and makes the amount emails in both of our inboxes more manageable 🙂 

Below are my client dedicated days- these are when I take care of emails, work on project or just anything client related!

Office Days for USA: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Office Days for AU: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

How to Schedule A Call

If you would rather schedule a call to chat you can always do this at any time by CLICKING HERE

Time Zone Differences

I am currently located in Australia so my time zone is AEST.

For my USA clients I am actually a day ahead of you! Because of this you will typically be getting replies back from me toward the end of your work day or evening – or wake up to a message from me in your inbox!

An easy way to convert time is to just google what time it is in Sydney Australia 🙂

VIP Coaching Client Details

I am so excited to spend some extra 1:1 time with you during the course of our project!

Your process might be slightly different than the details you see on this page. Oftentimes my Coaching clients want extra help on their website copy or with their freebie. I will be reaching out to schedule our call soon to review, but the information below will still be helpful.

Your Dropbox Folder for Submitting Files

Prior to our start date you will receive access to your own client dropbox folder. This is where you will be able to upload all website copy, images and anything else I will need from you for our project!

Please only upload these files to the dropbox folder and do not send via email so everything is kept in 1 place.

WordPress Website Hosting

If you currently have a website hosting setup (GoDaddy, Bluehost etc): Please share the login with me via LastPass or email

If you don’t have your hosting setup yet: We will need to get this done prior to starting the website! My go-to plans are with BlueHost or GoDaddy.

Tips for Purchasing Your Hosting: Look for plans than include a free SSL certificate – this will be needed for showing your website is secure. If your hosting plan doesn’t include an SSL certificate, that is okay! It can be purchased separately through your hosting provider.

After purchasing please share your login with me via LastPass or email.

Email Marketing Account

In order to have your freebie opt-in automatically deliver you will need to have an email marketing account (MailChimp, ConvertKit, Mailerlite etc).

If you already have an account please share the login with me via LastPass or email

If you do not have an account yet – my GO TO 100% is Mailerlite. It’s WAY more user friendly than Mailchimp with the automation ease of ConvertKit. CLICK HERE to create your Mailerlite account now! Just be aware they probably wont fully approve the account without a live website but that is okay!

After setting up the account please share your login with me via LastPass or email.

Uploading Branding Files

Upload all branding assets needed for your website to your client dropbox folder.

Branding Assets Needed Are:

  • Final Logo(s) – PNG, PDF or EPS files preferred
  • Largest logo size you have access to is best
  • Brand style guide if you have one
  • Brand color palette
  • Brand fonts (not your logo fonts, but fonts to use for website & markting)

Final Website Copy Deadline

Your finished website copy is due when we will be starting the website – which will be due 2 weeks after our main project start date once we’ve completed your brand design.

This deadline is very important to keep your timeline on track since your website layout will depend on the amount of copy you have.

Because of the importance of this deadline there is a $200 late/rescheduling fee added to project total if your finished copy is not delivered with 3 days of the agreed upon date (2 weeks after project start date). The completed website copy has been the main cause of project delays in the past, and as a result can throw off timelines for other client’s projects. Because of this I had to enforce the late fee in order to show the importance of this deadline. I hope you can understand!

Submitting Images for Site

Please upload any images you have for the website to your client Dropbox folder prior to us starting on your website. 

The largest size image you have access to is always ideal!

You must have legal rights to use any images we use on your website so please don’t use images found from Google or Pinterest.

Website Review & Changes

When I have your website ready for your first review it will be time to make any needed changes to get it ready for launch! 

After your first looks we have up to 2 weeks to make any needed changes prior to launching. 

The more efficient way to do this is once you’ve had time to fully review the website and know what changes you’d like, we will schedule a website review call. During this call we will make any changes live on our call to knock it out – this helps cut out a lot of the back and forth emailing! 

If more in-depth changes are needed to be made to your website copy (more than a few things here and there), please make changes to your original Word Doc of copy and highlight where the changes were made so I can find them easily.

If we are unable to do a review call please submit all your notes/changes in 1 Google/Word Doc and send to me via email. We will keep all future communication about those changes within that email trail so nothing is missed!