Design + Rise

with Kristin Kembel

A private coaching program for designers ready to go from hustling to total boss babe!

You’re a designer dreaming of having an online business that sparks your creativity AND fills your bank account.

And I’m not taking about “just getting by” each month on your own. I’m talking about going beyond what you ever thought was possible with your income and lifestyle.

As designers, we are so fortunate to already be in the digital world where we can do what we love from anywhere in the world. But that freedom does us no good when we are still stuck at that office job we don’t love for most of the week, or feeling tied to our computer all day long.

Let's be real.

Some of this might be you my friend...

The designer side hustle life is getting OLD. Like seriously, hustling was cool for a hot minute but you’re tired now.

You want so badly to ditch that 9-5 and run your business full-time, but letting go of the security blanket seems impossible. And scary. Very scary.

You’re hitting an income block with your design business and you’re not sure how to break through to that next financial level.

You’re struggling to get regular clients and feel like every month you’re back to ground zero. I mean come on, you’re a designer, not a sales person after all!

You’re craving more of the RIGHT clients – so you can say ADIOS to the clients who try to haggle your rates or who disappear on you mid-project.

You catch yourself often in the comparison game online – stalking other women on Instagram doing what you want to do and feeling like the market is already too saturated.

Now let's daydream a bit.

Imagine instead you are...

No longer hustling and instead feeling fulfilled financially, and in your work and life.

FINALLY running your design business full-time and only take on work that you’re passionate about.

Blowing your own damn mind with how you’ve been able to reach your income goals and even go beyond them.

Feeling empowered by other successful women you look up to instead of feeling jealous or inferior.

Effortlessly selling on consultation calls and your client booking totally reflect your newfound attitude.

Attracting your dream clients – the clients who WANT to pay you and stay on track with their timelines.

Welcoming those $10k months because clients are flowing to you regularly with ease

You are meant to rise up and become that bad ass, successful, creative business woman you were born to be.

You just might need a little help getting there!

Hi Lady! I'm Kristin Kembel

I’m an intuitive business & mindset coach for designers like you! I’m also the owner of the branding & web design business Girlboss Designer, and host of the Create Your Destiny podcast.

I know all of this & more is possible for you because I've totally been there too.

A few years ago I was living the typical 9 to 5 life, and I was over it. 
Over having someone else decide my income and schedule.
Over working for the weekends and that one little vacation a year. 
Over having to commute to an office 5 days a week.

I was daydreaming about getting out of the office, seeing the world and moving to the beach. I was craving more flexibility and time. I wanted to decide how to go about my day, instead of someone else determining that for me. 

But then even AFTER I found the courage to take the leap and start my own online design business – I found myself back in the hustle life. 

I was hustling to...

  • Find enough clients
  • Get all the work done when my client list grew
  • Manage the income in a way that felt easy
  • Work with clients that weren't the right fit for me
  • Keep all the balls in the air
  • Find a work/life balance - if that's even a real thing

I started this business to create more freedom for myself...

But I was not feeling free.

Well things are looking a lot differently now!


  • Living in Australia with my fiance Stephen, just a bike ride from some of the most beautiful beaches
  • Working remotely from my beautifully decorated home office - and can take work with me wherever in the world I choose to be
  • Not having to sell myself on consultation calls because my marketing does the work for me
  • Enjoying an overflow of my dream clients and am booked out months in advance for my design business
  • Only taking on clients I feel aligned with and excited about
  • Building a team to support a more scalable business model so I can have more freedom to focus on what lights me up most
  • Able to take a month sabbatical from my design business to travel and spend quality time with my family back home

Now I'm helping other designers build successful online businesses that not only bring in the cash but also feel aligned with their values, desires and lifestyle.

join me in

Design + Rise

An 8-week private coaching program for designers ready to go from hustling to total boss babe!


What is an "intuitive" business coach you ask?

I believe the answers to every block, struggle, and difficulty in our business and lives exist inside of us – sometimes we just need help accessing and interpreting our intuition.

That’s the thing with business (and life!) – if a strategy, service, or structure isn’t aligned with YOU it’s not going to work in the long run.

When things don’t feel right to us we avoid, stress and get drained.
But when things ARE aligned with us we feel energized, excited and inspired.

That energy is what will build your business.

That is the energy that will attract your dream clients, make you lots of money, and give you the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. 

As your coach I’m not just here to tell you what to do and give you strategies. I’m here to create a space where we can discover the right path for your unique personality & goals, and then be your accountability & mindset BFF along the way.

Working with a coach can do INCREDIBLE things for your life & business.

Since joining a mastermind and investing in 1:1 coaching my business has gone through a major up level – both structurally and financially. After all – there comes a point where all the freebies or courses in the world just aren’t doing it for you like they used to.

The results and changes I’ve experienced first hand is partly what called me to become a coach for other designers. 


  • Offer a fresh 1:1 perspective on your business
  • Unfold new inspirations, directions and programs
  • Help you stay actually accountable to your goals
  • Shift your mindset in a way that serves you in the best way
  • Give you someone to share ideas with who can help guide you in the right direction


Client Love


This Signature Method is what’s allowed me to create success in my business faster and easier than I thought was possible. 

1. Destiny Designed

Before you can book a bunch of dream clients and burst into those big money months we first need to make sure your foundation is solid.

Niche Market & Service Positioning > 

2. Business to Brand

Successful online businesses go BEYOND creating a business. They build a brand. It’s not enough to list out your services and throw up a portfolio – let’s go deeper into your online presense.

Website & Brand Story > 

3. Magnetic Marketing

In order to create a steady stream of clients we need to create a marketing strategy that is free flowing! One that is constantly working for you in as little effort on your part as possible. 

Automated Marketing Strategy > 

4. Soulful Selling

Selling doesn’t have to feel icky or scary. When you’re coming from a place of service to potential clients and not selling you’ll be amazing at how easy booking new clients can feel.

Feel-Good Sales Tactics > 

5. Money Mindset

In order to bring in the money you desire your mindset has got to be in the right place. Combining mindset with a system for managing your finances sets you up for an abundant future.

Income & Sales Goals > 

6. Smooth Scaling

The clients are flowing in – time to take your business to the next level! How to make your design business more scalable without totally losing your mind.

Next Level Success > 

Design + Rise Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching with Me
  • 1x 90-minute foundation intro coaching call
  • Business & Website Review
  • 5x bi-weekly 50 minute coaching calls
  • 2 Implementation Weeks
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • List of Actions Steps After Every Call
  • Worksheets & Resources to Help Along the Way
  • BONUS: Daily access to me via Voxer
  • BONUS: Access to my Free Flowing Marketing course

This Coaching Program is for you if you're:

  • Ready to turn your side-hustle design work into your full-time business and ditch that 9-5 for good - OR....
  • Already run a design business full-time but are still caught in the hustle life and you're ready to break free
  • Wanting to identify and break down the old patterns holding you back from elevating to that next level
  • Ready to have your dream clients flowing to you regularly in a way that feels natural and almost effortless
  • Excited to make a full-time living doing what you love and break into those $10k+ months
  • Craving more time, flexibility, and work that feels aligned with your talents and passions.


The word INVESTMENT is important here – because working with a coach truly is an investment in yourself and in your business. When you invest back in yourself you’re sending a message to the universe that you are ready for the next level, and you’re ready to make the changes needed to create the life you’re imagining

And that investment will come back to you!

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