EPS 1: My Journey from 9-5 Commuter to Girlboss Online Business Owner Living by the Beach

Welcome to the very first official episode of the Create Your Own Destiny Podcast!

In this episode I’m sharing ALL the details of my own journey. A few years ago I was living that typical 9-5 life, and then everything changed.

I decided I WAS DONE.

Done commuting to work to sit in an office all day.
Done letting someone else be in charge of my schedule.
Done counting down until the weekend.
Done waiting for that little vacation each year.
Done allowing someone else to determine my income.
Done having to be in the same place.
Done living where I didn’t want to live.

So I did something about it.

Since then I’ve traveled the world, started my own online business working remotely, and moved from Atlanta to Australia, just a bike ride away from the beach.

This is my full story of how it all went down!

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