EPS 10: The Valuable Guide for a Successful Girlboss Website

As an entrepreneur, especially for my service based providers, your website is so important for bringing you business.

Is your website bringing you more business? Is it bringing you more of your dream client?

When your dream client finds their way to you, you want them to :
1- Be curious and intrigued to learn more
2- Actually read some of your website copy you worked so hard to write
3- Sign up for your free *valuable* offer
4- Contact you for a consultation – DUH!

But this doesn’t just magically happen. We need to make sure your website has the key elements to bring them through the journey to take action.

You have to keep your website simple, add value, and encourage your audience to get in touch with you!

In this episode, I‘m letting you in on what all goes into making your website do all the good things it’s supposed to. This way you can set it up for success from the beginning – or make any needed changes. Then before you know it, you’ll be booking clients with ease.

I have created an easy website checklist for you to use that will help walk you through the steps that I use when making a website to bring more business to my clients.

Grab your Website Checklist here!


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1 thought on “EPS 10: The Valuable Guide for a Successful Girlboss Website”

  1. Hi Kristin,
    Loved this episode thanks! It has really great info for where I’m at with starting by business at the moment.

    Question what was the name of the stock photography website you suggested for female service based businesses?

    Thanks heaps and can’t wait to listen to the next episode!


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