EPS 5: Is Being an Entrepreneur Right for You?

Wondering if the entrepreneur life is right for you?

Today, we’re talking about the ups and downs so you can better decide if this crazy life is the right fit for you. I know on the outside sometimes it can look really fun and free – but like everything, the reality is never completely how it seems.

There are some of us out there though, like myself, who are uncontrollably drawn to this way of earning a living. For me, it’s like I know deep down this is meant for me, so it makes all the downsides and sacrifices completely worth it.

But if you’re on the fence about the idea – it can be SO scary to take that leap into the unknown. Maybe you’re in a full-time job and day dreaming of doing your own thing and not being in an office anymore. This was totally me a few years ago. But here’s the thing – it’s just not for everyone.

I hope this episode will give you a little bit of insight if this might be the right path for you!

I have created a little free checklist which walks through all the points we went through in this episode. You’ll be able to check which one feels most like you and see if you rank higher for being an entrepreneur or not. We all love a good quiz so I couldn’t resist!

Have you downloaded the Entrepreneur Quiz Checklist yet?!

Come grab it and start dreaming and doing now! CLICK HERE


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