Ireland Travel Branding and Logo Design – Affinity Vacations

This special project goes back to my homeland… Ireland!

Okay so NO I wasn’t born in Ireland but my mom’s maiden name is O’Grady so Irish is definitely a big part of our heritage. And I must say, my mom’s corn beef & cabbage rivals the ones I had over in Dublin! When my client Ellie came to me to brand her travel business I was SO excited because well…. it’s about travel of course. When we first got started she was planning on doing more general travel planning – but as we moved along she couldn’t ignore the feeling in her heart to do what she REALLY wanted  and focus only on Ireland. She was nervous – should she really just only focus on ONE country? But she knew deep down it was right and she wanted to specialize in this area.

It is so important to choose a niche for your business, just like Ellie did with Affinity Vacations. It allows you to become the expert in this area and allows all your messaging to be much more focused. I am in love with how her branding and logo design turned out and can’t wait to get started on her website next when I get back from Bali!


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