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My Top 5 Moments from 2018

New year, new resolutions! While it’s important to look forward and make goals for the upcoming year, it’s equally as important to look back with gratitude at the wonderful things that happened in the last 365 days. I’m sharing my top BEST moments from 2018 – make this your time to think back on your own year and be grateful for this beautiful life we’ve been given.


Early 2018 I shared this new business, Girlboss Designer with the world. It’s pretty cool to look back and see how it went from solely friend referrals in the beginning to now new clients coming in on a regular basis from all over. Within a few months of launching I left behind my other contract work to do this full-time, and within 3 months of that I had my first 5 figure month. All the prep work and constant conscious efforts started to pay off, and this is just the beginning of where I want this brand to go.

But putting yourself out there with your own business comes with a lot of uncomfortable growing stages, and many learning lessons. I had to get over my fears of being IN a photoshoot, instead of being behind the camera. I had to not let the not-so-good times or the criticism get to me. I had to get more comfortable with actually promoting myself, which feels super awkward but we need to remember we are running a business here, not a hobby. Being an entrepreneur COMES with the hard times, but in the end it’s all worth it to do what we love on our own terms.


When I decided to make the move to Australia I said I MUST spend my 30th birthday drinking my favorite wine where it’s made. I wanted to be at some vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, drinking that delicious Sauv Blanc, and we made it happen. One of my favorite things about living on this side of the world now is the access we have to places like New Zealand and Asia. Now of course Stephen can’t resist squeezing in a little surf trip to almost any of our travel destinations, so we rented a campervan and spent a few days cruising around the North Island, catching waves before jumping on a ferry to the South Island to Marlborough. Okay… so I the wasn’t catching any waves, I was sitting in the campervan squeezing in some work while he surfed, but it was a great time. We met a few friends along the way, some were humans and some were seals during our ocean kayaking day trip, enjoyed the ocean views, windy mountain drives, waterfalls, expansive green pastures, endless sheep and cows in every direction, and of course wine tasting. Another one to check that big travel bucket list of mine.


I would say this counts as one of my top best and most terrifying moment of the year. For a few weeks this was just stressful and unnerving, but with some planning and a new mindset it was the best thing I could have done. It’s seems counterintuitive to start turning down other work opportunities, why wouldn’t you take anything you can get, right? But the more scattered we are the less we are able to focus in and really develop whats most important. We spread ourselves too thin, and we aren’t giving our actual goals enough of our attention and energy. This is what I remind myself of still whenever work comes my way that isn’t really in line with the Girlboss Designer brand and the type of work I want to be doing. Placing all my focus and efforts into this new business is what grew it so quickly, and I am so thankful I had to guts to make the leap.


Does anyone else immediately think of Eat Pray Love when they hear Bali? Yea me too. What’s kind of funny is when any of my friends in the U.S. heard I was going to Bali they’re like “woooww that is soo cool!”. To them it feels so exotic in a way. But over here in Australia its just so normal. It would be like someone on the East Coast in the US going to Cancun or something, it’s just not a big deal. Stephen was taking a surf trip there (notice a little surfing obsession theme? Welcome to my life…) and took me with him. We stayed in Uluwatu where all the cliff bars are, along with the surfing. I had seen this exact area on TV when one of the latest surf competitions was held there (again with the surfing…) so it was amazing to see it in person. Bali is so beautiful and friendly, but it is also struggling. During any walk or scooter ride around town you see beautiful views, many restaurants and smiling faces. Then you also see homeless dogs regularly, debris, people just trying to get by. This is one of the many reasons I love traveling. It opens our eyes, minds and hearts to what’s happening outside our bubble and beyond the pretty pictures.


From Thanksgiving through Christmas I was back home in Atlanta with family and friends. I felt so lucky to be able to be there for almost 6 weeks, without having to take vacation time off. Well actually… LUCK isn’t the best word because you bet your ass I worked hard and took risks for YEARRS to earn this flexibility. Regardless though, it was so heartwarming to spend quality time with loved ones. I know it’s hard for my mom to have me living so far away… as she says, I literally couldn’t be any further. I know this because she reminds me… constantly. Let’s just say her little sly hints about me moving back are not so subtle. The first week I was back I didn’t have a rental car and was literally just posted up at my moms – which I know she loved. The following weeks were jam packed with hugs, laughs, drinks, some of my favorite homemade recipes, and reconnecting again. Spending this time back home makes living so far much more doable. It also makes coming back to Australia extra special. Since I’ve been back here I notice all the little things again – the tropical foliage, the smells, the insane ocean views, the accents. Even those damn loud squawking cockatoos in the early AM aren’t as annoying.

Being away from a place for a while (whether it’s where you’re from or where you now live) always makes coming back that much sweeter.

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