EPS 3: What Branding Your Business Really Means

PSST… it’s more than just your logo and colors!

In this episode, we are diving into my area of expertise which is branding! YAY! I’ve actually created a bonus branding checklist for this episode so make sure to go grab the Branding Checklist here!

EPS 3 What Branding REALLY means

Now here’s the big kicker when it comes to branding your business…

Branding is not just your logo.

Branding is not just your colors.

Branding is the entire experience someone has when they encounter and interact with your business. WOAH.. pretty big deal huh?

Yes branding is your colors and your logo – but it’s also your font choices, your images, your messaging, your overall style.

It’s how you interact with a client or customer.

It’s the experience someone has working with you.

Branding is how people connect with you and how they remember you.

Branding is all about how you want others to feel.

In this episode, I am walking you through all aspects of branding – including your:
brand colors
your messaging
and how important it is to be cohesive and know your target audience.

Don’t Forget to Grab the Branding Checklist for this episode!

Thanks again for listening and I’ll talk to you next week. See ya!


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