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Is your business ready for a rebrand?! TAKE THE QUIZ >

Are you ready for a rebrand? TAKE THE QUIZ>

Your brand visuals (a.k.a. your business’s colors, logo, imagery, fonts, and website) are what will draw people in. 

That first impression will either keep them around to learn more or make them pass you by.

But the visuals are not enough to seal the deal. Your message is where the conversion happens.

Let's be real for a second...

How your business looks online matters... A LOT!

This is why we combine designer aesthetics with strategy-based website layouts so you can share your message with the world & book clients with ease.


Here at GBD we help brave women launch and grow beautiful businesses online, so they can share their gifts with the world and create a life filled with freedom and abundance.

I am passionate about empowering other women to create success online in a way that aligns with who they are.

Click below to learn a few more tidbits about me and the biz!


I'm kristin kembel

The travel-obsessed designer & owner of Girlboss Designer.

Here at Girlboss Designer we work with service-based online women entrepreneurs. Our clients tend to be online coaches, consultants, and spiritual entrepreneurs who value beautiful design and want to make a difference in their clients' lives. 

Some of our clients are launching brand new businesses and others are looking to give their existing one a makeover!

about the biz

Curious what type of clients we usually work with? Here's the scoop!

Not only did I not have a backup plan when I told my last boss I wanted to get out of the office and start my own business - but I also had no money. Actually with the student loan debt I technically had negative amounts of money. But I took the leap and went for it because I couldn't deny that burning desire inside for a big adventurous life!

Since I traveled around Europe working remotely, moved to Australia, launched GBD, and grew it to a 6-figure business within 1 year of going all in.

about kristin

I quit my 9-5 with no backup plan.

We know your journey doesn't end when the website launches. In fact... it's really just beginning. After seeing clients struggle with that to do to market their online business post-launch we wanted to help them even more.

Through Kristin's podcast Create Your Destiny and our online marketing courses we share all the resources you need to make the most of your website and book clients with ease long after your website goes live.

about the biz

We offer you MORE than just design.

Free Audio Training!

Focus here FIRST when creating your online biz!

How to create a business that STANDS OUT and SELLS OUT!



Launch your service-based business online in 4 weeks or less.

An elevated launch program helps coaches & online entrepreneurs look fabulous online and have clients flowing in, so they can make an incredible impact and living from anywhere in the world doing what they love.



What the ladies are saying:

Nikii Syme, Love & Relationship Coach

"I’m so grateful this absolute girl boss queen came into my life. She has breathed life into my brand and business, created a powerful logo that captures my brands essence and values, built a stunning website and hooked me up with the social templates to ensure everything is aligned. Kristin was so amazing to work with. Easy to communicate with, she listens to you and implements what you request while giving her guidance and expertise amongst it all."

Ashley Dashevsky, Nurtured Family Nutrition

"I can't recommend Kristin enough! I own a nutrition practice, and she brought my brand and website to life better than I ever could have imagined. Professional, yet easy to talk to and work with. She does a great job asking all the right initial questions so she can really get a feel for the brand and vibe you are aiming for. My website is absolutely beautiful, thanks to her!"

Talia Gutierrez, Takeoff with Tal

“Kristin was a dream to work with! I came to her with ideas and pins of what I wanted my branding to convey and she delivered exactly what I was dreaming of. As a photographer/entrepreneurs, sometimes you have to give in that you can't do it all and rely on other professionals & I couldn't be happier that I found her business -- all that to say, Girlboss Designer is your girl if you really want to step your brand up. I have gotten so many compliments since the launch of my blog!“

Rosie Garcia, Simply Living Counseling

"Love the website! I even cried because it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for your hard work on it. "

Michelle Laframboise, Health & Fitness Coach

"Kristin far exceeded my expectations in every way, and made website creation organized, fun and easy! She is creative, professional, encouraging, responsive, skilled and anticipates your needs. Basically, she’s just the best❤️"

Pamela Dixon, Network Marketing

“Kristin does an excellent job of asking the right questions and in doing so she has an intuitive perception of your brand! I love that Kristin breaks down the process of branding and website design into manageable pieces so that the process is never overwhelming! I absolutely love my website and it’s reflective of my brand!“

Camille Marie, Sharing Essential Wellness

“Kristin was AMAZING to work with. She took my scattered thoughts and pieced them together beautifully in the website that she created for me. She also gave my brand a much needed facelift to reflect my site. She is prompt, professional and extremely talented!!“

Jennifer Maxwell, Creative Pear Photography

"I had no idea how I wanted to brand my business. Kristin was attentive and responsive to my vision. Any revision or idea I asked for, she delivered effortlessly. Her design has become integral to my business, and I can no longer imagine a time without it or her creative eye! I’ve received numerous compliments, and business has only sky-rocketed since working with her."

Cristina Stallworth, Honest Homes

"Kristin was so professional and quickly scheduled an interview with me to make sure we were a good fit. We immediately clicked on the phone and she saw my vision and we began the branding process. She also answered every question and suggestion I sent like a champ (which may have been extreme) lol. All of that being said if you need branding she is the cream of the crop and I am so excited for what is to come thanks to her!"

Be bold enough to design your life.

Just let us handle the website.