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I feel so fortunate I took the leap years ago – from 9-5 office job to start my own online business and work from wherever I chose. It’s what allowed me to follow my heart to Australia years ago without having to worry about “finding a job”. But I know there are SO many of […]

EPS 19: Creating a New Business? Focus on This First

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Are you ready to live with authenticity and purpose excited about your unique gifts and talents and putting them out there for the world to see? The universe is ready to rise up and meet you exactly where you are and I am ready to coach you to achieve the results you know you are […]

Coastal Boho Branding and Website Design for Life Coach and Podcast Host – Amber Bennett Coaching

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It’s time for wedding planning updates! Stephen and I are getting married this October 2020 and in case you’re not in the loop we are planning not one… but TWO weddings. I know, we’re insane. Apparently the stress of one wedding just wasn’t quite enough for us. In this episode I am sharing how we’ve […]

EPS 18: How I Manifested My Dream Wedding

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If you are planning a special event or wedding and you need a topnotch tablescape, Lovely Luxe Rental is way to go! After struggling to find the perfect tabletop items for her own wedding, Nicole decided to source her own stunning plates, glassware, and flatware, creating the perfect tablescape for her pinterest-worthy wedding. Her passion […]

Elegant Blush Branding and Web Design for Luxury Wedding Tablescapes – Lovely Luxe Rentals

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Whether it’s a much needed quick weekend getaway, or an in-depth exploration to an exotic destination, make your free time away from daily life count!  Together, you will create custom explorations that reflect you and your passions, filled with sights and activities that interest and excite you. We all know travel is never a one-size-fits-all, it’s personal. It’s about […]

Light Blue Web Design for Travel Design Expert – Travel by Design

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Pink and Red Branding and Web Design

This is such a special reveal for me because Hayley is MY own business coach! I was a part of Hayley’s Slay with Soul mastermind in 2019 and have worked with her 1:1 on multiple occassions. Working with Hayley allowed me to fully up level Girlboss Designer’s structure, boundaries, income level and tap deeper into […]

Berry and Neutral Branding and Web Design for Spiritual Business and Mindset Coach – Hayley Tapper

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Nikolett Ivanyi, Holistic Adult Acne Specialist and founder of Envision Acne & Skin Care Center, is on a mission to help women regain their self-confidence by giving them tools and education to achieve clear, acne-free skin. Specializing in women’s skincare, Nikolett created Envision, as well as her own skin care line and acne program, she […]

Elegant Blush Web Design for Holistic Acne Specialist – Envision Acne Center

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Today I’m talking about my clients arch-enemy – WEBSITE COPY! Dun dun dunnnnnnn!!! *cue dramatic movie music* Okay enough with the jokes. But seriously, I see so many of my website clients struggle when it comes to writing their website copy – or the words on their website. But here’s the thing. While the design […]

EPS 17: How to Write Your Website Words – with Copywriting Strategist Kayla Dean

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I'm kristin kembel

I’m a designer, intuitive business coach, podcast host and owner of Girlboss Designer - a web design business exclusively serving service-based women entrepreneurs. Think of me as a fun mix between Jenna Kutcher and Jess Lively - with the business strategy side of Jenna but with the alignment and travel bug side of Jess.

Fun Fact: I’m originally from California, grew up down south in Atlanta, and now live WAY down south in Australia. 




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