Free Flowing Marketing Formula Client

Create a steady flow of clients & income

with an automated marketing plan that doesn’t take over your life!

(Without totally winging it, wasting time feeling lost at where to begin and having to hire out help before you’re ready.)

If you’re a service-based online girlboss entrepreneur, coach or consultant looking to fill up your client calendar (and your bank account!) then you probably already know you need to market yourself online… regularly… to bring in those dream clients & the moola.

So I’ll cut to the chase!

No need to go on and on about things you already know because you lady are AMAZING!

After all – you probably ALSO already know that launching your website and sharing it with the world is JUST the beginning of this incredible journey you’re on.

Not to mention that we’ve heard over and over again that consistency overtime is the key to success for us online boss babes.

Here’s what you might not know…

Having a consistant and AUTOMATED marketing plan in place can:

Make booking new clients feel effortless

Imagine new inquires flowing into your inbox regularly and before you know it your client calendar is booked out!


Guess what is also flowing to you along with more clients… MORE MONEY HONEY! And more money means you’re closer to quitting that unfulfilling 9-5 to do what you love full-time, becoming 100% remote so you can work from anywhere in the world, retiring your husband, buying a house (or vacation home!) – the sky is the limit!

Allow you to spend time DOING what matters most

Let’s be honest – we love what we do! But life isn’t all about work – so having more time to spend with our loved ones, travel the world, or simply be present in those little moments is so important.

Even though the benefits of creating consistency with your marketing are the BEST EVER…

Actually doing it is another story.

Like where in the world do you even begin right?!

You’ve finally put in the work to create your business and you are courageous enough to share your new venture with the world. 

But then… crickets. UGH, the worst! So you assure yourself you got this (because you do!) but then you…

  • Are completely overwhelmed by what to tackle first
  • Are unsure how you’ll find the time to maintain everything
  • Leave the task of marketing your biz up to when you “feel like it”
  • Can’t afford to hire help to do it for you (hey, you’re still new!)
  • Are confused by all the scheduling apps
  • Are drowning in tech overload, please not another app!

5 Reasons Why Most Fail at Staying Consistent


Not taking marketing your business seriously enough.

I know this seems simple – but sometimes we forget that marketing our business is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the actual client work itself. 

After all – there is not client work if we’re not bringing in new clients, right?

It’s time to make getting serious about your marketing higher up on your biz priority list.


Not knowing where to start.

In the big picture – marketing your business online regularly isn’t complicated or difficult.

But we live in a time of information overload – and it’s not always a good thing.

When there are too many options you feel frozen.

If you have no plan or strategy to fall back on – you will find yourself confused as to where to begin or what to do next and when.


Not knowing what to say.

Ever find yourself blankly staring at your computer or phone with zero idea what in the world you’re going to talk about in your social post or blog?

Yep, the struggle is real! But it shouldn’t be like that. 

With a clear content creation foundation you will never run out of ideas or be lost for words.


Tech Overload.

I know – so many apps to learn. But part of owning your own business is you DO have to learn new things. It’s just part of the game. 

Especially when those new “techy things” will create SO much freedom and flexibility for you long term.

Don’t be scared by new technology. I promise in the big picture it is your friend.


Not having enough time.

Time is our most valuable resource because we CANNOT get it back!

Manually posting on social media each day is a waste of our precious time. And although sometimes life happens and we gotta throw a post out there last minute – in the big picture we’ve got to have a better plan in place.

The right scheduling apps and the right strategy will give you back so much time into your life.

I’ve got a secret to share…

Even though staying consistent with your marketing is the key to creating regular client bookings and income – we are only human.

That’s right, we’re perfectly imperfect human beings, not robots.

And somedays you just don’t feel like it AT ALL. Or life happens and bigger things become more important.

This is why you need a marketing plan that is FREE FLOWING – one that is working for you – one that’s creating a steady stream of content with less time and effort on your part. 

So if it’s alright with you my friend, I’d love to teach you how to do this for yourself.


The step-by-step, actionable and automated plan for marketing your service-based girlboss business online, so you can book more clients.

Know what to SHARE & SAY • Set it Up to Automate • Get More CLIENTS & REVENUE


I’m Kristin Kembel

I’m the Owner of Girlboss Designer, host of the Create Your Destiny Podcast, and Creator of The Free Flowing Marketing Formula.

I help brave girlbosses look fabulous online and have clients flowing in, so they can make an incredible living from anywhere in the world doing what they love.

A few years ago I created the life I was dreaming of! I left my 9-5, traveled abroad for months straight working remotely, and then moved from Atlanta, GA with my Aussie guy to Australia, just a bike ride from the beach.


After launching Girlboss Designer I didn’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle to run my branding & web design business. So I dove into the podcasts, the education and the trial and error to create a system to make it all happen – AND KEEP IT ALL HAPPENING.

I created a way to stay consistant with my own marketing,
with little extra weekly effort, and not having to hire out before I was ready.

No More…

  • Missing social media posts.
  • Spending FOREVER coming up with captions.
  • Searching for new clients each month.
  • Needing to sell myself on consult calls.
  • Stressing about future income.
  • Sacrificing my precious free time.

Instead Now I have…

  • A system to keep my marketing on schedule.
  • Direction and no longer struggle with what to say.
  • Clients flowing to me regularly.
  • Marketing to do my sales for me.
  • A booked out calendar month after month.
  • Time away from the biz to disconnect, guilt-free

Since implementing the Free Flowing Marketing Formula I’ve been able to…

Increase my pricing to match the value I bring & the demand of increasing inquiries.

Bring in $10k+ months.

Afford to hire help with my business because of the consistent income flow.

Begin building the business beyond 1:1 services into a scalable business to serve more women.

Accomplish all of this without paying for advertising.

But here’s the thing…

You deserve MORE than just a financially successful business.

You deserve to have a businesses that doesn’t take over your life.
One that works for you, instead of you slaving away trying to keep up.
You deserve to have more time to spend on what matters most,
and to be able to manage your business from anywhere in the world.


All weekly modules are designed to build upon one another, making the process even easier for you to digest & implement along the way.



Before you start creating content for your business we have to make sure you’re crystal clear on your brand’s foundation. Outlining this for the first time, or refreshing your memory on this key component, will have a huge impact on your content creation clarity.


  • Define who you are and who your target audience is so you first know exactly who you’re marketing to.
  • Break past the caption writing block and finally know what to say when it comes to your social media.
  • Identifying your foundational Brand Content Category Topics



I realize some of you may already have your brand’s foundation outlined – so instead making you wait, week 1 is coming with 2 modules! 

In module 2 we will talk about an INCREDIBLY important part of your business – building your email list. As I’m sure you already know – you don’t own your social media following. This is why building an email list is a MUST. One of the best ways to continuously build your list is to provide an irresistible free offer (or I just call them freebies). 


  • Come up with the perfect freebie opt-in for your business – and actually make it!
  • Choose an email marketing provider and set your freebie up to deliver automatically
  • Setup your opt-in landing page for your freebie
  • Have a clear email marketing plan of action for the future



The key to staying consistant with social media is to schedule it ahead of time so this is automated for you. This way you don’t have to interrupt your day and get distracted – it’s all happening with ease for you! Also now that you have your freebie created and ready, we need to start sharing it with the world too!


  • Make over your Instagram profile
  • Start promoting your freebie opt-in on your Instagram profile
  • Learn why I choose the Planoly app to schedule all of my Instagram posts
  • Batch create and upload content into Planoly (or your chosen app) and setup your hashtags
  • Know what to post on Instagram, and how and when to schedule it

While I personally love Planoly as my IG scheduler and use that as the tutorial demonstration – these techniques will work with any IG planner app!


Recycling evergreen content automatically is a complete GAME CHANGER for saving you tons of time and energy when marketing on other social platforms. This is all made possible with one of my favorite apps, SmarterQueue.


  • Learn why you NEED to be using the SmarterQueue app to manage Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Setup your account & create content categories in SmarterQueue
  • Create your weekly schedule based on your categories
  • Utilize your EXISTING CONTENT to fill up your SmarterQueue schedule and get you going immediately
  • Learn my unique process for when and how to add new content to the mix to keep things fresh

While I personally love SmarterQueue as my content scheduler for Facebook & LinkedIn – and use that as the tutorial demonstration – these techniques will work with any evergreen scheduling app! I actually started with MeetEdgar and recently switched to SmarterQueue for its analytics and ability to add 3rd party content to your queue..


Pinterest is the #1 traffic driver for my website. In fact, it’s responsible for over 70% of my website visitors and makes up almost half my booked clients – it’s a HUGE DEAL!! If you’re not already on Pinterest for your business, or you’re not strategically and regularly using it, we are going to change that in this module.


  • Learn why Pinterest and the Tailwind app are a MUST for promoting your business online
  • Makeover your Pinterest page the right way for success
  • Learn what to pin on Pinterest, why and how
  • Batch create a bunch of pins for your business & schedule them
  • Learn how to schedule out your Pinterest content in the Tailwind app for weeks at a time in 1 sitting



As we know consistency OVERTIME is the key to success! While a lot of this plan is automated to an extent – it’s not 100% automated. There is some maintenance needed on your part to keep it going, so let’s put together a plan to keep it up each month with ease.


  • Learn how to to schedule and create content each month so it’s as efficient as possible 
  • Make sure you stay accountable for maintaining this flow so you can keep those inquiries coming in!

Best of all – you always have these guides to come back to if you ever need a refresher.

Let me put your mind at ease…

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula is the step-by-step, actionable and automated plan for marketing your service-based girlboss business online so you can book more clients.

By the end of the 5 weeks will be have gained confidence clarity in what to do, what to say and how to do it. You will have started attracting leads with value, setup all the scheduling apps you need, already started creating/posting relevant content and know what to do in the future to maintain this momentum.

But who wants to wait 5 weeks to enjoy some results! Within the first 14 days of this course you will have outlined your business’s content foundation, created a valuable freebie and started building your email list, and have a clear direction of how to approach your Instagram scheduling. 

If after you’ve worked through all the modules and each each step to the best of your ability, you still do not feel The Free Flowing Marketing Formula has brought you the clarity and confidence you need –  just let me personally know at and we will refund your investment with 45 days of your purchase. You must provide proof of working through the course and implementing the work in order to receive a refund.

Enrollment is now Closed for 2019

Want to know when the doors reopen in 2020? 

Get on the waitlist for 2020 and you will get first grabs on all the details and exclusive early bird pricing.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula
$1295 value

The Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging for Your Biz
$295 value

Access to the private members-only Facebook group
for community and accountability
$295 value

5 LIVE Q&A Sessions with ME inside the Facebook group for clarity and troubleshooting (1 per week during the course)
$995 value

When you add it all up that’s a total value of $2880!

But when you sign up today you get access to everything for just:

Client Exclusive Pricing

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Enrollment is only open for a limited time!

What students asked before signing up:

Check out these common questions below for your answers, or feel free to reach out to me at

What if I don’t see results?

If you remain consistant with this plan and these strategies, you WILL see results. Consistency overtime is the key here – and these scheduling platforms will enable you to do just that. Remember your marketing and website traffic DOES TAKE TIME to build on itself – it’s a compound result of your regular efforts – not an immediate thing. 

So stick with it, trust the plan and you will be pleasantly surprised with your progress.

What if I don’t have time to dedicate to this?

This course is designed to save you TONS of time in the long run! So while you will need to dedicate some extra time to learning these techniques – it will allow you so much more freedom later on. 

Your business deserves your time and investment! At the end of the day – we all have the time – we just need to prioritize it.

I’m not sure if I have the money to invest.

BELIEVE ME, I’ve invested my fair share in online education. And guess what – it’s worth it. WHY? Because when you invest hard earned money into further developing yourself for your business – you’re telling the universe “I’m committed and ready to make this happen”.

Also let’s be honest – when you invest money into something you are WAY more likely to dedicate the time to implement. And that’s the entire point of this education – for you to implement everything you have learned so you can enjoy the benefits that will come your way.

Think about it like this – even booking ONE new client will pay for this entire course and then some 🙂

Is this just another course about social media?

100% it is NOT! This is not a course to teach you how to get more followers or more engagement. After all – who can even keep up with all the algorithm changes anyways. 

This is a course to teach you how to create content for social, emails and blog posts faster and easier. It teaches you how to automate your marketing strategy and scheduling, so you can maintain consistency in marketing your business online, so you can BOOK CLIENTS BABY!

When do I get access to the modules?

The course officially starts August 19th!

That week you will gain access to the first 2 modules. Then each remaining module will be released once a week and you will be notified it’s available via email.

Why can’t I get access to all the modules at once?

One of the most important benefits of this course is it’s designed to be actionable – meaning I don’t want you to just digest the information – but I want you to actually implement everything you’re learning.

Having a week to go through each module will allow you time to focus on putting what you learn into action before moving on to the next. 


What if I am bad with technology?

This is exactly why for each platform I am providing you with VIDEO TUTORIALS walking you through how to get set up. This way you can work side-by-side and see exactly how it’s done, instead of just having some written instructions to follow.

Do these scheduling programs you’re teaching about cost money?

Yes, each program has it’s own subscription, but luckily they all come with some kind of free trial or free base package! Also just remember – the cost for you to hire someone else to manage all of this is WAY more money than the cost to run these programs yourself.  Plus hello – they’re tax deductible. In order to reach the success you want you need to get comfortable with investing in your business.

EMAIL MARKETING: Depends on your provider. My go-to is Mailerlite which is FREE for up to 1,000 subscribers, then plans begin at just $15/mo

PLANOLY: FREE base package, then plans start at just $9/mo

TAILWIND: FREE TRIAL, then plans start at just $14.99/mo

SMARTER QUEUE: FREE TRIAL, then plans start at $19.99/mo

Do I have to use the same scheduling apps as you?

No you do not! But if you choose not to use the exact same apps I highly recommend using something with similar features because of how beneficial they are. 

All video demonstrations will be for the particular apps I use but you will be able to apply the same strategies to other apps if you choose differently.

What if I don’t have a website yet?

A completed and well setup website is needed to effectively make use of this course – since all our efforts will be driving traffic to that website. The website is what really seals the deal when a potential client reaches out to book with you – so it is an important piece of the puzzle.

If your website is in the process of being created then go for it! You can begin implementing some lessons while its still in process and then the others after your website launches.

If you don’t have a website yet and it’s not in the works, always feel free to check out my web design services! 

Can you remind me of everything I am getting when I sign up?

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula
5 Week Course
6 Modules
All video, tutorials, downloadable worksheets, checklists and cheatsheets

The Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging for Your Biz
$295 value

Access to the private members-only Facebook group for community and accountability
$295 value

5 LIVE Q&A Session with ME inside the Facebook group for clarity and troubleshooting (1 per week)
$995 value

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula is PERFECT for you if you are…

Just getting started marketing your business online and want to do this RIGHT from the beginning to save yourself the headache.

Already frustrated with staying consistant with marketing yourself online and you’re ready to fix this once and for all.

Not afraid to get in there and learn new things and invest a little time each week to create something profitable & sustainable.

A go-getter and you’re ready to put in the work to create success in your online business.

Realize getting organized and scheduled with marketing yourself online GIVES YOU BACK SO MUCH TIME and creates many ways for your ideal client to find you.

Ready to create a partly self-running marketing plan so you can get back to booking clients and enjoying the hell out of your life!

If you said YES to many of the above, I cannot wait to see you inside The Free Flowing Marketing Formula!

3 Monthly Payments of



Client exclusive pricing! 
Non-client pricing is 3x $345.

A One-time Payment Of



Client exclusive pricing! 
Non-client pricing is $895.

Enrollment is only open for a limited time!