the Free Flowing

Marketing Formula

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Your automated system for marketing your business online with ease and clarity - so you can get back to booking clients and enjoying the hell out of your life along the way.

So you've launched your website... but now what?!

I know a lot of you guys (my amazing clients!) have felt this way after launch, but you might also be…

 Experiencing crickets when it comes to client bookings.

Feeling totally overwhelmed by how to even promote your business.

Have no idea how you will have time to do manage all the marketing & social media.

Aren’t ready to completely hire out your business’s marketing. 

Confused by all the scheduling app options and need some guidance.

Need a way to efficiently do it (or most of it) yourself.

Now imagine if instead you...

Became booked out with clients month after month.

Know how to effectively market your business online.

Have more time for whats REALLY important because your marketing is on autopilot.

Feel confident that you CAN handle this yourself.

Don’t feel pressured to hand over your marketing to someone else who doesn’t have your own unique voice and vision.

Feel relieved because all of these efforts are working together to increase your brand’s exposure, inquires and monthly revenue.

No longer stressed about money because the client bookings are flowing in regularly each month.

Think about how freaking amazing it would feel to have a calendar full of clients, income flowing in, and you're able to do what you love from anywhere in the world.

I know you can do this, because I've done it!


Know what to SHARE & SAY • Set it Up to Automate • Get More WEBSITE Traffic & CLIENTS


I'm Kristin Kembel

And for a while I was just like you...

Running the whole show and totally winging it when it came to marketing my business online.

I knew I was supposed to be staying consistant with my marketing to be able to book more clients and make the income I desired, but I was struggling to stay on top of it ALL.

I thought if only I worked harder. If only I put in the extra hours.
What if I worked an extra day a week or worked some nights to get it all done? Maybe I should just accept this is how owning a business is?

But then everything changed...

I found a way to stay consistant with my own marketing,
with little extra weekly effort, and not having to hire out before I was ready.

No More...

  • Missing social media posts.
  • Spending FOREVER coming up with captions.
  • Searching for new clients each month.
  • Needing to sell myself on consult calls.
  • Stressing about future income.
  • Sacrificing my precious free time.

Instead Now I have...

  • A system to keep my marketing on schedule.
  • Direction and no longer struggle with what to say.
  • Clients flowing to me regularly.
  • Marketing to do my sales for me.
  • A booked out calendar month after month.
  • Time away from the biz to disconnect, guilt-free

Since implementing the Free Flowing Marketing Formula I've been able to...

Increase my pricing to match the value I bring & the demand of increasing inquiries.

Bring in $10k+ months.

Afford to hire help with my business because of the consistent income flow.

Accomplish all of this without paying for advertising.

But here's the thing...

You deserve MORE than just a financially successful business.

You deserve to have a businesses that doesn’t take over your life.
One that works for you, instead of you slaving away trying to keep up.
You deserve to have more time to spend on what matters most,
and to be able to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula

The step-by-step, actionable & automated plan for marketing your business online,
booking more clients and enjoying the hell out of your life along the way.

Are you ready?


Your current social media posting strategy is to post whenever you remember, and oftentimes you miss days.

You know there are apps to schedule your social media. but not sure which ones to choose or how to set them up.

You have a website but you’re struggling to get visitors, let alone clients on your calendar.



You finally stayed consistant with posting on social media everyday, without it interrupting your workday?

Someone could advise you on the right scheduling apps to use and show you how to set them up for success?

Your ideal audience is finding their way to you regularly and you’re booking clients all the time.

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula is your answer to all of this.

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula

Launching August 2019

Past & Current Clients enjoy 50% off!

Paying in full saves you $50 AND gives you access to my Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging *BONUS*

All prices are in USD.


All weekly modules are designed to build upon one another, making the process even easier for you to digest & implement.

In the first week I’ll introduce you to the basics of exactly how you should be marketing your business and services online.


  • Defining your target audience so you first know who exactly you’re marketing to.
  • What to do, and what NOT to do when marketing your business
  • How to break past the caption writing block and finally know what to say when it comes to your social media and promotions
  • What key things you should be doing to drive traffic to your website so you can start booking more business

The following week we will talk about an INCREDIBLY important part of your business – building your email list. As I’m sure you already know – you don’t own your social media following. This is why building an email list is a MUST. One of the best ways to continuously build your list is to provide an irresistible free offer (or I just call them freebies). 


  • How to create the perfect freebie opt-in and why your business needs one
  • How to choose an email marketing provider and set your freebie up to deliver automatically
  • Email Marketing base plan of action for the future

The key to staying consistant with social media is to schedule ahead of time so this is automated for you. This way you don’t have to interrupt your day and get distracted – it’s all happening with ease for you! Also now that you have your freebie created and ready, we need to start sharing it with the world!


  • How to promote your freebie opt-in on your Instagram profile
  • Why I choose the Planoly app to schedule all of my Instagram posts
  • Planoly Setup Video Tutorial : how to batch upload content and setup your hashtags
  • What to post on Instagram, and how and when to schedule

The Meet Edgar app has been a complete GAME CHANGER for me when it comes to these other social platforms. Meet Edgar is very unique compared to other scheduling programs – you’ll learn why it’s the BEST and how to use it.


  • Why you NEED to be using the Meet Edgar app to manage certain social channels for your business
  • How to create content categories in Meet Edgar and create your weekly schedule
  • My process for utilizing your EXISTING CONTENT to fill up your Meet Edgar schedule and get you going
  • My unique process for when and how to add new content to the mix to keep things fresh

Pinterest is the #1 traffic driver for my website. In fact, it’s responsible for over 70% of my website visitors – it’s a HUGE DEAL!! 

If you’re not already on Pinterest for your business, or you’re not strategically and regularly using it, we are going to change that.


  • Why Pinterest and the Tailwind app are a MUST for promoting your business online
  • How to makeover your Pinterest page the right way for success
  • What to pin on Pinterest and why
  • How to batch create a bunch of pins for your business
  •  Tailwind Setup Video Tutorial : how to schedule out your Pinterest content in the Tailwind app for weeks at a time

I hate to tell you… but the work doesn’t stop here! The key to success when it comes to marketing your business is consistency. Now that we’ve created an awesome base structure for you to work with let’s put together a plan to keep it up each month.


  • When to schedule and create content for each platform so it’s as efficient as possible 
  • When to know if it’s time to invest in additional help to grow certain areas of your marketing plan
  • How to make sure you stay accountable for maintaining this flow so you can keep those inquiries coming in!

Don't Forget the Bonuses!

All Free Flowing Marketing members will receive:

Access to the FFM private Facebook group for community & support.
Lifetime access to all FFM modules & video tutorials, including future updates.
4 Facebook Live sessions with me in the group (1 session per week).

Members who choose to pay in full will also receive:

Why you need to blog, what to blog about, and how to maximize your efforts.
Plus paying in full saves you $50!

How does the Free Flowing Marketing Formula work?

Step ONE

After you sign up and the FFM registration doors close, you will gain access to the first week’s module of this course! New modules will be released each week. 

Why is each module spaced out by a week? To give you time to IMPLEMENT. This is an actionable masterclass so I want to make sure you take the time to do the work and get the hang of it before moving onto the next module.

Step TWO

It’s time to get your hands dirty and make this happen! Each week when a new module is released you will be notified via email with a link to access that week’s content.

I’ll walk you through each step of the journey – give you actionable homework to get things setup, and provide you with any needed worksheets and cheatsheets along the way.


Let the stress of the unknown melt away and start to see the magic happen! Consistency overtime is the key to your business’ marketing success!

By implementing what I will teach you in this course, and staying consistant with it afterwards you will begin to see more website visitors, get more inquiries and before long, booking new clients will feel effortless.

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula

Launching August 2019

Past & Current Clients enjoy 50% off!

Paying in full saves you $50 AND gives you access to my Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging *BONUS*

All prices are in USD.

Who am I? Great Question!

(soon to be Kristin Richards! EEKKK)

I’m a travel-obsessed Brand & Website Designer, Marketing Coach, and host of the Create Your Own Destiny Podcast.

A few years ago I left my 9-5, traveled around Europe working remotely, and moved from the U.S. to Australia for love, just a bike ride from some of the most beautiful beaches.

It was then when I created my online business Girlboss Designer, became booked out with clients and started bringing in $10k+ months. All while enjoying the slow paced beach lifestyle and going back to the U.S. for weeks at a time to visit family & friends.

My goal is for you to have MORE than just a financially successful business. I want you to have a businesses that gives you back TIME in your life. Time you can spend on what matters most.


What's the investment though?

BELIEVE ME, I’ve invested my fair share in online education. And guess what – it’s worth it. WHY? Because when you invest hard earned money into further developing yourself for your business – you’re telling the universe “I’m committed and ready to make this happen”.

Also let’s be honest – when you invest money into something you are WAY more likely to dedicate the time to implement. And that’s the entire point of this education – for you to implement everything you have learned so you can enjoy the benefits that will come your way.

Remember, paying in full saves you $50 AND gives you access to my Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging *BONUS*

Have a question about something?

Check out these common questions below for your answers, or feel free to reach out to me at

Yes, each program has it’s own subscription, but luckily they all come with some kind of free trial or free base package! Also just remember – the cost for you to hire someone else to manage all of this is WAY more money than the cost to run these programs yourself.  Plus hello – they’re tax deductible. In order to reach the success you want you need to get comfortable with investing in your business.

EMAIL MARKETING: Depends on your provider. My go-to is Mailerlite which is FREE for up to 1,000 subscribers, then plans begin at just $15/mo

PLANOLY: FREE base package, then plans start at just $9/mo

TAILWIND: FREE TRIAL, then plans start at just $14.99/mo

MEET EDGAR: FREE TRIAL, then plans start at $49.99/mo

This is exactly why for each platform I am providing you with VIDEO TUTORIALS walking you through how to get set up. This way you can work side-by-side and see exactly how it’s done, instead of just having some written instructions to follow.

Yes, of course you can. I know from my own experience though, when you’re in your earlier years of growing your business every $ counts. Often times hiring someone to do ALL of this is outside your budget. 

Also here’s the thing – when you’re the face of your business you need your own unique voice to be in your messaging. No one else talks just like you, thinks just like you, or has your same insights and stories behind it all. I tried this before – and I kept rewriting all the content myself anyways. While you still can hire out someone to schedule your content, and even use these apps I’m suggesting, the written content should come from your own genius mind!

If you remain consistant with this plan and these strategies, you WILL see results. Consistency is the key here – which is why these platforms can make it more manageable for you to stay on top of things. Just remember your marketing and website traffic DOES TAKE TIME to build on itself – it’s a compound result of your regular efforts – not an immediate thing. So stick with it, trust the plan and you will be pleasantly surprised with your progress.

YES! You can choose to do 6 smaller payments of $165 instead of the full one-time payment of $895. 

Yes actually! I completely understand if you’d like your assistant to learn and implement these strategies for you. While online courses are not meant to be shared between business owners (because of the time and effort we as educators invest into creating these courses for you) because of the type of content in this particular masterclass, feel free to give your assistant access.

The Free Flowing Marketing Formula

Launching August 2019

Past & Current Clients enjoy 50% off!

Paying in full saves you $50 AND gives you access to my Girlboss’s Guide to Blogging *BONUS*

All prices are in USD.