Imagine showing off your gorgeous new brand & website in just 3 weeks flat!

Currently booking new clients for FEB & MARCH 2020

Get rid of the tech overload and wasted time trying to DIY.

Instead let’s get your business out there to the world looking amazing and setup to draw in your ideal client and turn them into subscribers and paying clients.

You’re dreaming of having a business & website you can show off and be proud of.

One that looks amazing (duh) but also converts into actual leads and clients. I mean… that’s the point of it all – right?

But there’s a tiny problem…

You’re not a designer, and WordPress is far from your forte.
Plus what about the bajillion other things on your list like:
Figuring out this whole e-mail marketing thing.
Planning your website copy.
Creating your free opt-in.
Creating posts for social media.
Getting your marketing scheduler platforms setup.
Keeping up with your bookkeeping.
PHEW… is it getting hot in here?

O and don’t forget about also balancing everything outside of the business. We all know us women tend to have more on our plate and more pressure when it comes to work and family/personal life “balance”.

I know what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed by ALL. THE. THINGS. involved with launching a business.

Or maybe you’ve already launched your business but that DIY website you made just isn’t cutting it these days.

That’s the thing with being a business owner – we’re constantly growing and there are so many things to learn along the way. 

And honestly… the learning never really ends!

But what’s important is to not allow yourself to get caught in the never-ending overthinking, and to take action instead. 

And sometimes, taking action means knowing when to get help with accomplishing your dreams.

You deserve a business and website that looks beautiful, represents your style, and helps you book your dream clients.

One that shows the Value you bring to the world.

Are you ready to...

  • Show off your business to the world with confidence because you know it's looking SO GOOD!
  • Be taken seriously in your industry - hey, looks matter when it comes to your business!
  • Be booking clients on the regular and earn more from your online biz than you thought possible.
  • Build this business right so you can do this full-time and be a total girlboss from anywhere in the world.
  • Link arms with someone who has your best interests in mind- even after your website launches.
  • Pour a glass of something tasty (wine for us!) because you know the visuals of your new business are in trusted hands.

Yes? Then let's do this!

Say hello to...

An elevated, fast-track launch program that combines designer aesthetics with strategy based layouts to give you an end result that both attracts and converts your dream client!


the Prep Work

Reserve Your Spot & Prepare

On our complimentary consultation call I will get to learn all about you and your business, and share how this whole process working together will flow. If we feel this is a good fit, we will reserve your project dates in our upcoming schedule.

The prep work is the key ingredient to making this fast-track launch possible! 

The prep work includes your completed brand discovery questionnaire, a shared Pinterest brand board, website copy, and brand imagery.

Project Week 1

Branding Visuals

Before we can get started on the website we need to have the visuals of your brand created – meaning your color palette, logo design, brand fonts etc.

Your final brand files include:

  • Brand Color Palette
  • Main Logo Design
  • Alternative Logo Layout
  • Circular Stamp Logo Design
  • Brand Font Selections
  • Brand Style Guide Outlining All

Project Weeks 2-3

Website Creation & Launch

Week 1 is dedicated to customizing your website design to reflect your branding and drawn in your ideal client. Week 2 we will be making any needed adjustments and get ready to LAUNCH by the end of the week!

The Website on Tap Setup Includes:

  • Up to 7 pages of customization
    (more pages can be created for an additional charge)
  • Pages typically include the Homepage, About, Services. Blog Section, Freebie Landing Page, Contact & 1 more optional internal page
  • Integrate opt-in forms with your email marketing platform to build your email list
  • Entire site setup for desktop, tablet & mobile viewing
  • Publishing of up to 3 of your completed blog posts
  • Base SEO keyword setup for core pages & blog posts
  • Video tutorials for making changes later

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Client Love


The word “investment” is key here because this truly is an important investment in your future success.

You can either waste time, focus and energy trying to DIY, only to probably still invest in getting help in the end to do it right. OR…

Let’s cut to the chase and save yourself SO headache by working together to bring your brand to life. This way you’re able to focus on other areas of launching your biz while I worry about the branding and website design. Sounds like a much more pleasant journey, right?

Plus your website is there to bring in new clients and make you money! It’s definitely worth investing in.

I guarantee you'll be so excited to show off your new business!

Custom proposals begin at $3200 USD.

Already have your branding done (logo/colors) and just need the website? No worries! Website-only proposals begin at $2800 USD. 

Only 4 spots available per month!

We are typically booking at least 1-2 months in advance, but the wait time really comes in handy for getting all your prep work done!

Custom proposals may include optional design and marketing add-ons at the client’s request such as:

  • Business card design
  • Branded stationery design
  • Email marketing template
  • Automated email campaign series
  • Social media Canva templates
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Facebook business page cover
  • and more!

Client FAQ's

My clients are typically online service based-businesses – so think coaches, travel planners, consultants, that type of thing. They are women looking to build a successful online business that makes a positive impact in their clients’ lives.

All websites are created in WordPress using my go-to page builder, Elementor.

In order to keep things streamlined with the new fast-track launch process, I no longer take on branding-only projects. 

Typically clients do need a website along with their branding so it makes sense to create them together!

That is possible as well! We can discuss your unique needs during our call and put together a custom proposed based on where you’re currently at.

I am now only taking on 4 new clients per month to ensure each one gets enough special attention. Typically I am booking a month+ in advance. That time between securing your project and getting started is actually perfect for the prep work we need to do anyways though! 

Branding + Website = 3 weeks
Website Only = 2 weeks

Because of the fast turnaround times of this program it is required that all prep work needed from the client is complete before our official start date. 


The standard payment setup is  50% deposit and 50% due at the end of our website week.

There is an option to break that up into 3 or 4 smaller payments – with the final payment being due at the end of our website week.

Yes! I use a website layout builder that makes it very easy to tweak the text and swap out images if needed. I can provide video tutorials walking you through how to do this so you have a reference later. I always advise not trying to change anything too major though so the overall layout isn’t accidentally altered. I am always here for you to reach out to after with questions or if you’d like to work together again on making changes or additions to the website.

I am always here for you post project! Adding additional new pages to the website is between $75-200 per page depending on the amount of content needed on that page.

WordPress website plugins need to be maintained semi-regularly. This is so easy though! About once a month or so just login to your WordPress backend, go to the plugins tab and click update for any plugins that say an update is available. That’s it!

Other regular fees you will need to cover to create/maintain a website are the cost of your domain name (typically a yearly fee), and your website hosting package which is where your website will live (my go-to is Siteground. This can be paid monthly or yearly). You have the option to add on other features such as extra security and automatic backups through your hosting provider.

Interested in working with GBD to bring your business to life?

The next step is to schedule your free consultation call with me!