Blue, Coral & Yellow Branding for Business Development Advisor and CPA – Deravia

Now I have kind of a funny story about this particular client 🙂 love ya Debi!

I actually talk about this exact story in Episode 3 of the CYOD podcast which talk about what it really means to brand your business. When Debi, founder of Deravia & Co came to me about branding her business she was set on using the color red for her brand. She is so passionate about what she can offer her clients because she can truly TRANSFORM their business with her financial knowledge, growth strategies, systems and connections. She said she knew red was it for her.

But then I asked her – well how are your clients FEELING when they find you? BEFORE you work with them?

She said well honestly… stressed out and overwhelmed. They are dreading all bookkeeping, tax details and the financial side of their business in general.

We had to have a little come to Jesus moment. I let her know red is the actually the exact opposite color we want for her brand! If your ideal clients are coming to you with anxiety and stress the last thing we want is use an overstimulating color that is too much in their face. We want them to feel calm – secure – like they can breathe a little bit.

So that is what we did with her color palette! We added in the yellow to add a touch of happiness and just a little bit of coral to still ad a bit of energy and excitement without it feeling like a warning sign. Oftentimes I like to use just a small pop of color to draw attention to important things like buttons on a website. It’s a great way to lead someone through the journey so they know exactly where to do next.

Are you ready to overhaul your current website or launch a new one, so you can be attracting your dream clients/customers?!

Let’s do this! Schedule your free consultation with me and let’s chat about how we can transform you into the brand of your dreams.


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