The Branding Step You’re Probably Skipping

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of branding your business? Let me guess… the logo, maybe your color scheme? Or probably those pretty mood boards you see all over Pinterest. As much as we love pinning those mood boards (I do it all the time), the visuals are surprisingly NOT the first step when you’re going to brand your business. There is another branding step you’re probably skipping…

Start with feelings and experience before the visuals.

This is the step many people skip or rush through when branding their business. Your brand is more than the visuals, it’s the entire experience you offer others every single time they interact with your business. Before you start designing your logo or choosing colors, think about how your want your clients/customers to FEEL. Knowing and outlining this will then help you put together visuals that will create this feeling on your website, on social media and anywhere else your brand is.

I’ll share a couple real examples so you can see how this plays out!

For this business, Girlboss Designer, I knew I wanted people to feel at ease. I am a super laid back and low key person by nature, and I wanted that to come through in my brand so people know when they work with me they can have a relaxed and low-stress experience. That is why the main color for my brand is a soft aqua blue – a color that represents tranquility, peace and calm – the same feels that the ocean brings out in us! In addition to the colors I made sure my visuals and the way I write/speak feels easy going and not too stuffy or too serious. You can totally be professional and casual all at once!

Another example is one of my clients from a few years ago, A Creative Pear Photography. 2 awesome ladies in Atlanta are behind this brand and they specifically focus on wedding photography. I wanted their brand colors to reflect their favorite photo sessions so we pulled colors from there that felt soft and romantic and went with shades of blush and grey.

Are you at the beginning stages of branding your business, or thinking your existing one needs an update?

Figuring out your vibe and how you want your clients/customers feel is my first step in the branding process. I’d love to get to know you and your visions for your brand!

Let’s get in touch and talk about how we can elevate your business from the visuals and beyond.



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