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I feel so fortunate I took the leap years ago – from 9-5 office job to start my own online business and work from wherever I chose. It’s what allowed me to follow my heart to Australia years ago without having to worry about “finding a job”. But I know there are SO many of […]

EPS 19: Creating a New Business? Focus on This First

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It’s time for wedding planning updates! Stephen and I are getting married this October 2020 and in case you’re not in the loop we are planning not one… but TWO weddings. I know, we’re insane. Apparently the stress of one wedding just wasn’t quite enough for us. In this episode I am sharing how we’ve […]

EPS 18: How I Manifested My Dream Wedding

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I’ve had a lot of people act surprised when I share with them I’m a TOTAL introvert. Maybe we assume because someone’s launched their own business, they’ve put their face out there in the world and they show up on a podcast or on live video that they […]

EPS 16: Life as an Introverted Empathic Business Owner

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I have a 14-19 hour time difference between most of my clients with Girlboss Designer. Since moving across to the world from Atlanta to Australia I’ve had to adapt to running an online business overseas with dramatically different and constantly changing time zones. Luckily I’ve got some tools and tricks up my sleeve to share! […]

EPS 15: Top Tips for Running a Business Overseas

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I’m sharing lessons I learned from my mom that I bring into business, and life! No she is not actually joining me on the show – she actually has no idea I even made this episode. And honestly.. I am pretty sure she’s never listened to this podcast EVER! But regardless of my mother’s own […]

EPS 12: Important Business Lessons from My MOM!

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In this raw and real episode I’m letting you guys in behind the scenes to what’s been transforming in my mindset and my business these past few months. With my first ever online course launch happening during the same time as a mastermind AND my busiest client season of this business so far – it’s […]

EPS 11: Mindset & Business Transformations- Behind the Scenes

Chasing Dreams, Personal Stories, Podcast Episodes

When I Knew I Wanted to Leave My 9-5

So there I was, almost 4 ½ years ago, sitting across from my boss about to ask for a raise. I had mustered up the courage to ask for a raise before, so I knew I could do it again. And as terrifying as that conversation can be, you will never know unless you ask, […]

EPS 9: The Moment I Knew I was Done with a 9-5… Forever

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Self care has become a trendy discussion topic lately. Apparently no one’s doing enough of it and we should all be taking baths, drinking tea, drinking hot drinking lemon water, calling our moms, going on walks and getting pedicures. Let me just tell you – this is NOT what we’ll be talking about today. The […]

EPS 6: The Truth About Self-Care

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hey lady!

I'm kristin kembel

I’m a designer, intuitive business coach, podcast host and owner of Girlboss Designer - a web design business exclusively serving service-based women entrepreneurs. Think of me as a fun mix between Jenna Kutcher and Jess Lively - with the business strategy side of Jenna but with the alignment and travel bug side of Jess.

Fun Fact: I’m originally from California, grew up down south in Atlanta, and now live WAY down south in Australia. 




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