EPS 12: Important Business Lessons from My MOM!

I’m sharing lessons I learned from my mom that I bring into business, and life! No she is not actually joining me on the show – she actually has no idea I even made this episode. And honestly.. I am pretty sure she’s never listened to this podcast EVER! But regardless of my mother’s own level of interaction with my digital world (zero – she’s old school) – there are certain key pieces of advice she ingrained in me growing up that I still hear in the back of my head today. 

Don’t tell my mom I’m saying this, but even though back then I rolled my eyes at his and never wanted to be told what to do – these nuggets are pretty damn valid. Isn’t that how it normally goes though – our moms annoy us with all their advice for YEARS until we realize crap… she was totally right about this.


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