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Top 5 Website Mistakes to Avoid as a Solopreneur

Your website is the face of your business to the world. It can either help bring in business, or turn people away – and obviously we want the first option to be happening for you! The thing with being a solopreneur is we are trying to learn EVERYTHING. We wish we could just focus in on the areas we shine in, but when you’re doing it all you need a little guidance in certain areas. When it comes to branding and websites, I am here to help you!

Over and over I see the same common mistakes happening with websites that affect it’s success. Along with avoiding these mistakes, don’t forget to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SUCCESS GUIDE!

1. It’s not clear what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to

When someone comes to your website you have just a few seconds to grab their attention. They either decide to stick around or to leave, and we want the RIGHT people to stick around! You don’t want visitors having to guess or wonder what it is you’re offering. Right on the homepage it should be very clear what you offer and who it’s for.

2. There is way too much information

Unfortunately our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days! When there is way too much written copy on your website, visitors get overwhelmed by information overload and they don’t want to read it. You want to cut out the unnecessary be fluff from your website copy, and only keep what’s truly important. Make sure to make important lines of text larger/bolder where it makes sense so someone can skim the page and still get the gist of your message. Break up large paragraphs of text into smaller chunks and use bullet points wherever it’s possible and makes sense.

3. No clear call-to-actions

Never be shy about asking someone to take the next step to work with you! Whether you’re asking them to buy, book a consultation call, donate, hire you, anything… it should be clear throughout the site what action they should be taking. Every page should be leading them to this final destination with buttons/links on every page. The top right corner of your website should have your most important call to action so that it’s always easily accessible.

4. The design is not professional looking

Your website needs to make a fantastic first impression! Think about it like going to a job interview that you really want. Would you dress sloppily and not shower before? Hopefully not 🙂 and your website is kind of the same! You need to look the part of someone who is worth investing in. The whole look and feel of your website should be cohesive with your branding, clean, thoughtfully organized and the images should be crystal clear and good quality.

5. You are not promoting your website correctly

This is HUGE! No matter how amazing and beautiful your website is, if you’re not doing the right things to bring people to the website, how will anyone know it exists?! Getting your audience to your website can be accomplished by directing them through social media, setting up your SEO correctly, blogging regularly and getting others.

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